No Complaints (from split with SHITFIT)


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Got to to hear the entire split!!
Vinyl release to be announced!

All MTFC songs written and performed by MTFC
MTFC was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Sara Kosa
MTFC cover art by Guy Neighmond
MTFC center label designed by house Without Walls Design
MTFC is Mike Fintzy, Mike Biskup, Dean Sanginari, Jeff Banchansky, and Brian Leahy; with a little help from Tim Miller and Anthony DiMasi!!


released July 10, 2015



all rights reserved


MTFC New Jersey

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Track Name: I'm Free
Right now, he's doing what he wants
It's time he does it when he wants
All his life, (he) meant to get this far.
Now, you're fifteen and you're in charge.

You can't control us.
We made us free.
We make our own gods
and call it, "me".

He makes you think he thought it through.
First rebel ever seen by you?
His friends support and love him well.
Fun livin' now. Don't see no hell.

You can't control us.
We made us free.
We make our own gods
and call it, "me".

We've got our own brains.
Don't insult us with your doubt.
We charge our hair
and we listen to Kraut
None sense rebellion.
Then we add in some truth.
No right or wrong,
without a moral absolute.

Right now we're doing what we want.
"Do what I want. When-when I want".
All his life, (he) meant to get this far.
Now you're fifteen and you're in charge

You can't control us.
We made us free.
We make our own gods
and call it "me".

(If) we fight the system
we will always be free.
That breeds a problem
that we didn't foresee.
No lasting satisfaction
from our carnal mission.
We've damned ourselves into
our own internal prison.
Track Name: Maybe I'm Not Free
Our fears will ruin us because the things we love have trapped us here.

Sometime has passed
about a decade or so.
A chip on his shoulder ain't a shock.
Maintain status
on the streets that you know.

Working with the types of people that we love to hate and mock.

(Demanding) respect
Doesn't give you

any hope
No hope

Maybe I planned it.
-Can't say I did.
If lacking comfort,
-I ran and hid.
What feels good now?
-I'll have it twice.

How could I ever think
impulsiveness sufficed

(I) don't ask for much.
-I'm easy to please.
The cheapest thrill
-feels like it frees.
Creating more want.
-The thrill fizzles out.

Simplicity will ruin us. The things we love have trapped is here.

(Demanding) Respect
-It will cause you

Causes actions

That make us slaves
We are slaves

-Is gonna get you...

-You didn't see

They need to fall
Track Name: I Need Help
We think we are free,
with the fence we object.

I'm a poser on a certain subject.

You see us do a naive salute.
The world is wrong about a moral absolute.

If punk's dead, then I'm next!

One sheep of ninety nine
-you realize I'm missing.
I need your help
-but I never want to listen.

Death and destruction.
And don't forget the chaos!

(For) temporary fun,
That's not the way you made us.

(I'm) Changed at the root.
So you can't judge.
You cannot judge me.

(I'm) changed at the root.
So I can't judge.
I should not judge you.

I think my life is over,
if the world does not approve.

Distinctively the opposite is what I never want to lose.